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guardsman n : a soldier who is a member of a unit called `the guard' or `guards'

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  1. A person, especially a soldier, who is on guard
  2. A member of the National Guard
  3. A member of a Guards regiment


  • German: Gardist (1,2,3), Wärter (1)

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For the armored character in Marvel Comics, see Guardsman (comics).
Guardsman is a rank used instead of Private in some military units that serve as the official bodyguard of a sovereign or head of state. It is also used as a generic term for any member of a Guards unit of any rank.
The British Army Foot Guards Regiments have used the rank since 1920, when it was adopted instead of Private.
In the Canadian Forces, the rank is used by Privates in the Governor General's Foot Guards and the Canadian Grenadier Guards. The rank is considered non-gender specific and therefore applies equally to female soldiers. The rank badge is identical to that of Private, a single chevron.
The Danish Army Gardehusarregimentet (Guard Hussar Regiment), the Norwegian Army Hans Majestet Kongens Garde (His Majesty's Royal Guard), the Singapore Armed Forces, and the Swedish Army Livgardet (Life Guards) all use the rank.
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